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about / what we do

Our key activities are research and design thinking, we specialise ethnographic research and futures thinking.

Our work involves implementation and application of what we’ve learned - everything we do is actionable.


exploring new markets

new opportunity identification

anticipating futures

process engagement

To help you understand new-territory, often strategic in nature, or build a foundational knowledge of a domain.

Building on the work of exploration, to help you in generating ideas and concepts that will meet human needs and deliver value.

To help you map out futures based on drivers and signals of change alongside ethnofutures engagement. Based on behavioural science, deeply relevant to your subject.

Helping teams implement design thinking processes that will forge a path towards future visions.


Develop an understanding of a market to enter, scope a new project, understand the strategy to take, product, service or policy recommendations.

Delivery of ideas & concepts in various degrees of fidelity mapped back to opportunities. Ideas and concepts here, have a greater chance of success due to being born out of real needs.

Anticipating futures helps you build confidence in strategic planning. Anticipatory futures and the associated vision will help to ensure your strategies are aligned to futures states, reducing wasted efforts that won't get you to where you want to be.

Ensure your teams understand design thinking processes to apply human centred design. We train, workshop and guide teams through the processes and tools ensuring they become more customer-centric.


Business review to understand your challenges.

Ethnography to bring us closer to human behaviours. 

Business/product review to understand your challenges.

Ethnography brings us closer to human behaviours. 

Identify signals and drivers of change alongside behavioural science and stakeholder engagement, to anticipate futures, refine current processes and ensure alignment between the now and the future.

Engaging with your teams, developing bespoke materials and workshops and helping you drive the messages throughout your teams.


What is interesting about x, and why?

What is the future of x?

What are the possible opportunities from x?

How do people do x?

Identify three concepts that use technology x, that we can bring to market within 18 months and generate $20 million in revenue per year, in 3 years.

How can we define a path for our products or our organisation and inspire our stakeholders?

Team & stakeholder engagement workshops and hands on training of principles and practical elements.

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