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Navigating the Future with Ethnographic Expertise

OVETTA SAMPSON | Google | EPIC Conference

We're thrilled to share with you a compelling synthesis of insights from the latest EPIC conference, an event that stands at the crossroads of ethnography, innovation, and business. This document, curated by our team, distills the essential themes and discussions that are shaping the trajectory of industries and societies across the globe.

What You'll Discover:

  • An in-depth exploration of how friction in innovation can be a force for positive change and creativity.

  • Insightful analysis on the reconfiguration of work in an era increasingly influenced by AI and machine learning.

  • A fresh perspective on the cultural context in technology, emphasising the importance of designing with diversity and inclusivity in mind.

  • Case studies and examples demonstrating the application of machine anthropology to foster innovation that is both human-centered and adaptive.

Why It's Valuable

This document isn't just a recap; it's a blueprint for forward-thinking organisations aiming to make sense of a complex world. It's about leveraging deep human insights to anticipate credible futures and design better experiences that resonate with your market.

How Precog Can Help

At Precog, we specialise in transforming these insights into actionable strategies that drive growth and innovation. Our unique approach combines the rigor of ethnographic research with the agility of strategic foresight, enabling your business to not only meet but exceed the expectations of an ever-evolving landscape.

Download the Insights

Embark on a journey of discovery and let these curated insights from EPIC guide your next strategic move. Download the document now and see how Precog can help your business navigate the future with confidence and clarity.


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