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Building Bridges, Not Barriers: Cultural Context in Technology

In an era where technology transcends geographical boundaries, understanding the cultural context in which it operates becomes paramount. The recent EPIC conference shed light on the critical role of cultural insights in technology development. As a leader in ethnographic research, Precog is committed to integrating these insights into creating technology that is not just functional but also culturally resonant.

The Importance of Cultural Context

Cultural context is the lens through which people view and interact with technology. It encompasses a range of elements, from language and aesthetics to values and social norms. When technology fails to consider these elements, it risks alienating users or reinforcing societal barriers. Conversely, culturally aware technology can build bridges, fostering inclusion and understanding.

Tonika Johnson on stage, Keynote presentation at EPIC 2023
Tonika Johnson Keynote | EPIC

Case Study: The Folded Map Project

Tonika Johnson's Folded Map project, highlighted at EPIC, is a prime example of how cultural context can be leveraged to address systemic issues. By pairing residents from Chicago's diverse neighborhoods, the project facilitated conversations that challenged preconceived notions and uncovered shared experiences. This approach can be mirrored in technology development, using cultural insights to create products that connect and empower communities.

Precog's Cultural Strategy

At Precog, we believe that technology should be a bridge to understanding, not a barrier. Our approach involves deep ethnographic research to uncover the cultural narratives that shape user behavior. We then translate these narratives into design principles that inform the development of technology solutions. By doing so, we help businesses create products that are not only globally relevant but also culturally sensitive.

The Business Case for Cultural Context

For businesses, investing in cultural context is not just a moral imperative—it's a strategic one. Culturally fluent technology can tap into new markets, foster brand loyalty, and drive user engagement. It reflects a brand's commitment to diversity and its understanding of the global marketplace.


Innovation thrives when it bridges cultural divides. Precog is poised to guide your business in crafting technology that acknowledges, respects, and celebrates cultural diversity. Join us in our mission to create technology that builds bridges, not barriers, and watch as your products transform from functional tools to catalysts for cultural understanding.


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